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Professional purchasing and management of retail chains, Department Stores, Duty-free shops, Shops, Boutiques, Outlets and Stock houses.
International sales agent and dealer for Italian clothing and fashion. Sales and marketing services for importers and exporters of Made in Italy fashion, clothing and accessories. Trade intermediary services, sales consultancy and marketing, support services for buying offices in international companies and entrepreneurs.

Services for stores, boutiques, and small chains

Consultancy for development
Services and consultancy for the development of individual sales points, including the identification of weak points and reinforcement of strong points.

Development Strategy

Consultancy for the definition of development strategies, new sales point acquisition, for the creation of small chains, and creation of medium- and large-sized franchising chains.

Development strategies for foreign markets

Consultancy for the definition of development strategies for purchasing and creating new sales points in foreign markets, and new segments in your national market.

The Franchising Choice

Choice of several franchised brands, or a single brand option.

Negotiation of purchasing terms

Assistance and consultancy for negotiating the contractual and commercial terms.

Contract Assistance

Assistance and consultancy for defining draft contracts or negotiating the standard contract offered by the franchisor.

Selection, education, and training of personnel

Selection services for personnel, professional education courses, in-depth professional training, training for employees in contact with the public, selection of consultants and external collaborators.

Multilevel advertising and marketing

Study of the advertising activities of the entire chain, of the sub-market, and individual sales points.

New sales point launch

Consultancy and operational activities for the launch of new sales points.

Interior decoration and visual merchandising

Interior decoration and visual merchandising study according to the Made in Italy cannons for more effective showcases able to enthuse consumers and facilitate purchase.

Merchandising mix study

Consultancy for the selection of collections and merchandising mixes with the best commercial and marketing potential for the individual sales point or for the chain it is part of.

Inauguration and launch

Activities for the promotion, inauguration and launch of the sales point or of the newly restructured sales point customized for the various fields of users.

Top Brand research consultancy

The top Italian brands are highly sought out and difficult to access, especially for small companies and at times even for medium sized companies. Firmati & Griffati provides the best channels to access the biggest and most famous Italian brands in the world.

Search for partners and backers

Consultancy for the search of Italian or foreign partners or backers. Research for partners and backers for international ventures.

Logistic and warehouse optimization consultancy

Consultancy for logistic management and for optimization of warehouse rotation, reducing costs and risks from warehousing.
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