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Professional purchasing and management of retail chains, Department Stores, Duty-free shops, Shops, Boutiques, Outlets and Stock houses.
International sales agent and dealer for Italian clothing and fashion. Sales and marketing services for importers and exporters of Made in Italy fashion, clothing and accessories. Trade intermediary services, sales consultancy and marketing, support services for buying offices in international companies and entrepreneurs.

Firmati & Griffati services for Shopping Centres, Outlets, Malls, Department Stores, and new businesses.

Firmati & Griffati offers a series of services that use Made in Italy style to enrich all forms of large distribution and modern distribution, improving commercial efficiency.
We offer traditional services that have been tested and confirmed over many years of experience, as well as innovative services that explore the new routes for marketing.

Feasibility Studies
Local and regional market analysis, operational and financial feasibility studies, examination and determination of various commercial scenarios, and business plan analysis.

Consultancy for business plans and financial plans
Analysis and consultancy for fine-tuning or updating of the business plan and financial plan, with a search for partners and backers if necessary.

Search for partners and backers
Consultancy for the search of Italian, local or international partners or backers. Research for partners and backers for international ventures.

Selection and search for operators
Consultancy and services for the search for and selection of retailers and sales persons to insert in the centre under construction or being renewed.

Selection and search for franchisers
Selection and research of the most suitable franchising brands for the business.

Consultancy for the identification of the best form of merchandising for the various commercial businesses.

Visual Merchandising
Consultancy for fitting out sales points according the Made in Italy trends, with services and solutions to improve showcase exhibition and to enthuse the consumer and induce him/her to purchase more readily.

Merchandising mix study
Consultancy for the selection of collections, accessories and the merchandising mix with the best commercial and marketing potential.

Inauguration and launch
Activities for the promotion, inauguration and launch of the new venture, customized for the various fields of users.

Animation of the sales point with initiatives to attract the public.

Selection, education, and training of personnel
Selection services for personnel, professional education courses for managers and directors, professional development for managers and consultants, education and training for employees in contact with the public.

Logistic and warehouse optimization consultancy
Consultancy for logistic management and for optimization of warehouse rotation, reducing costs and risks.

Top Brand research consultancy
At times, the top Italian brands are difficult to access even for large and very large operators. Firmati & Griffati provides the best channels to access the biggest and most famous Italian brands in the world.

Firmati & Griffati has been involved in the construction of Shopping Centres, Malls and Outlets in the following countries, as well:
Saudi Arabia
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