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Professional purchasing and management of retail chains, Department Stores, Duty-free shops, Shops, Boutiques, Outlets and Stock houses.
International sales agent and dealer for Italian clothing and fashion. Sales and marketing services for importers and exporters of Made in Italy fashion, clothing and accessories. Trade intermediary services, sales consultancy and marketing, support services for buying offices in international companies and entrepreneurs.

Since 1982, Firmati & Griffati has had the opportunity to resolve a number of special problems. Here are a few

Starting from a single store, today it is one of the largest chains
Various Firmati & Griffati clients have started their collaboration with just one store. Today, thanks to the commercial consultancy provided by Firmati & Griffati, some of these clients manage the largest commercial chains in their countries, or even on their continent.

Chain of stores reduces purchasing costs by 20%
A major chain or stores, with the help of Firmati & Griffati, over the last three years has reduced their purchasing costs by 20%, with the same quality and quantities.

Commercial support for Buying Office
A buying office that was about to lose a large Asian company used Firmati & Griffati as support to collect large quotations for merchandise to be sent every month to its customer.
Thanks to Firmati & Griffati's service, the Buying Office has strengthened its relationship with its customer, improving its services as well as overall offerings.
Firmati & Griffati has centralized a series of commercial offerings for the Buying Office, allowing them to expand their range without committing additional resources.

Mall increases the number of customers by 30%
A highly successful Mall in a foreign country asked Firmati & Griffati to study its merchandising mix and replace two collections. Following its collaboration with Firmati & Griffati, the Mall increased its number of customers by 30%.

Italian purchasing office closed and savings gained thanks to Firmati & Griffati services
A major international Department Store was able to make significant savings by closing its Italian purchasing office and using Firmati & Griffati services. Today, this Department Store sends its buyers twice per year for the spring/summer and autumn/winter collections. In these cases, a permanent purchasing office becomes unjustifiable for market reasons. The service Firmati & Griffati provides allows for cost reduction and even retrains the personnel.

Chain of stores changes suppliers and turnover rockets
A chain of 18 stores changed 30% of its old suppliers with new Made in Italy collections, with the consultancy of Firmati & Griffati, and their turnover rocketed.

Elimination of unsold stock and production remnants An important company in the accessories market had to manage a large production excess caused by the closure of a large North American sales chain. Firmati & Griffati found a purchaser in the east, selling off the entire stock economically and profitably.
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