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Professional purchasing and management of retail chains, Department Stores, Duty-free shops, Shops, Boutiques, Outlets and Stock houses.
International sales agent and dealer for Italian clothing and fashion. Sales and marketing services for importers and exporters of Made in Italy fashion, clothing and accessories. Trade intermediary services, sales consultancy and marketing, support services for buying offices in international companies and entrepreneurs.

Firmati & Griffati, part of the world of Italian fashion for international commerce since 1982

Since 1982, Firmati & Griffati has provided commercial and marketing services for Italian clothing and Made in Italy importers and exporters, including the services involved in creating "private labels".
We offer consultancy and operatiional services for all companies and entrepreneurs who want to deal in "Made in Italy": Italian brands and Italian clothing and accessories.
Firmati & Griffati provides the orientation and guarantees required for moving correctly, professionally and efficiently in the world of Made in Italy.

The best introduction to true Italian production.
The world of clothing and fashion production is at times inaccessible. At other times, it is highly complex, or it is necessary to distinguish authentic brands and inferior commercial imitations, or even dangerous counterfeits. The latter are illegal and to be avoided at all costs as they are subject to sequester and heavy sanctions.

Firmati & Griffati has all of the Italian and international experience needed to move in the commercial world more efficiently, saving its clients time and money. Above all, those who use Firmati & Griffati services can at times have access to special, highly valuable commercial conditions and opportunities.

Profit margins are increased.
Firmati & Griffati services improve profit margins and purchasing terms for entrepreneurs, importers and exporters, avoiding the traps of such a complex, highly evolved and particular market.

Firmati & Griffati provides you with the guarantee of the reputation it has earned since 1982: The Italian Top Brands require the guarantees that Firmati & Griffati can give you.
Creating a privileged relationship with Firmati & Griffati can also provide you with a number of savings: You can avoid establishing agent offices in Italy, just as you can avoid the continual travel of your managers, because meeting plans are optimized.

Growth and development for small and large companies.
Firmati & Griffati represents a significant opportunity for the growth of small companies: Together we plan every kind of marketing strategy, suggesting the best solutions for achieving pre-set goals, even the most ambitious ones, such as developing a single store into a retail chain.

The Firmati & Griffati Advantages
  - clothing always ready in the warehouse
  - rapid delivery
  - employee training
  - interior decorating
  - showcases
  - articles with international patents
  - production of private labels
  - custom services
  - Sales Point image consultant for structures with a minimum of 30,000 weekly visitors.
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